Giving birth to a company and watching it grow into a global organization is a very surreal experience. 
I consider myself fortunate enough to see Tahira industries (India) Private Limited, Pharmaceutical Division, develop from an idea to a world-class pharmaceutical organization.

I am proud to state that we have created a platform for many talented people who can develop their skills and abilities beyond their expectations.  It is not just a matter of hiring good people, although a very vital step, it is also a matter of providing those people, whom we believe have the correct background and skills which are appropriate to the cause, tools they require.  The most important tool is knowledge, knowledge of the business environment in which we operate and the knowledge of the products we manufacture, market and sell.  We are very fortunate enough to provide that tool of knowledge for people to further enrich their talents.  We are humbled by the dedication of our people and our associates who have accompanied us in this journey to provide ‘quality to life’.  A highly experienced senior management team is in place to progress the Company’s strategies and policies. 

During the fiscal year 2009-2010, pharmaceuticals were amongst the few sectors which managed to expand its revenues in India, despite global recession and financial crisis.  A strong domestic demand, a global preference for quality driven generics and changing strategies worldwide added to the boost in the Indian pharmaceutical sector.  The Indian pharmaceutical industry has grown from a turnover of US$ 0.32 in 1980 to US$ 21.26 billion.  Hence, it has become increasingly important to us to continually improvise upon our strengths and capabilities in order for us to contribute to the growing demands worldwide.

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank our people, our associates, our clients, our suppliers, our regulators and all our believers, for supporting us and resting their faith in our Company.  We shall continue in our quest to provide the best, affordability and excellence in our products and services.

Mr. A. P. Shah
Chairman & Managing Director
Tahira Industries (India) Private Limited